Monday, July 23, 2012

Parvin Atabay, Zia Atabay, & National Iranian Television (NITV) United

Professionally, Parvin Atabay is CEO of Arti Enterprises, Inc., a management company.  She has 22 years worth of experience in the medical industry as a business and management professional.  Additionally, she has done a great deal of charity work to help children around the world.

However, those who are close to Parvin Atabay know that the person to whom she is married is extremely political in nature.  While Parvin Atabay herself is not political, her husband, Zia Atabay, is involved with a highly-political television station.

What is this television station?  The television station is called National Iranian Television (NITV) United.  The 24-hour Persian news network station broadcasts worldwide, but primarily targets Iranians.

However, satellites are illegal in Iran, which makes it dangerous for viewers to tune in.  Despite this legal restriction, Iranians are tuning in to NITV United, hungry for the message of democracy.  Zia Atabay is proud to be an instrumental figure behind NITV United, spreading the message to oppressed people in Iran and around the world, and Parvin Atabay is happy to support him.

Despite the fact that satellites are illegal in Iran, NITV United is the most popular network amongst Iranians.  In addition to bringing the very best in news-reporting and political programming, National Iranian Television United also focuses on delivering quality entertainment programming.

Entertainment and cultural programming can be a great way to spread the same message, but through more creative means.  NITV United also focuses on music and arts in its quality programming.  Parvin Atabay is proud to stand behind her husband’s television network.

The network is a leader in its niche and is widely respected by other networks that focus on politics and oppression.  Parvin Atabay intends to continue to support her husband and his vision for the future for years to come.  She loves her husband will do anything to bolster his vision for the world.