Friday, July 20, 2012

For Parvin Atabay, Family Comes First

At one point or another, nearly all business professionals are forced to choose between family and career.  It isn’t always a choice that must be permanent.  Whether it’s for just a week, weekend, or particular season, sometimes only one of the two can win out.  Parvin Atabay is familiar with having to make this choice on a few occasions.  And, for Atabay, family always wins.

Parvin Atabay loves her family.  Most wives and mothers say they love their family, but for Atabay, that love has been demonstrated with countless sacrifices.  As a business and management professional in the medical field, Parvin Atabay is met with many challenges time and time again.

However, she has made the conscious decision to always choose her family if there is a conflict between her career interests and her familial obligations.  Knowing ahead of time what her choice will be has helped Parvin Atabay maintain her steadfast commitment to her family.

Though her two children are now grown and pursuing their own careers (one as a writer, the other as a fashion designer), Atabay still prioritizes her family.  Her husband, Zia, is the founder and President of National Iranian Television (NITV) United, the premier Iranian news network.  Her husband's high profile job has sometimes made getting good family time together difficult!

Due to how busy both Parvin and Zia Atabay are, it's no surprise that finding time for family in the middle of bustling schedules can be very difficult.  Parvin Atabay continues to make a lot of effort to ensure that family stays at the forefront of her priorities.

Parvin Atabay is the CEO of Arti Enterprises, Inc., a management company in Encino, CA.  Outside of her professional life, Atabay volunteers her time with various charitable organizations that focus on the needs of children worldwide.

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